Introducing The Ettin’s Table – And Why You Should Read Us

Welcome to the Ettin’s Table, where we strive to empower DMs and players alike of the world’s greatest roleplaying game to tell more amazing stories than they’ve ever told before. We do this by providing solutions that improve your game, aid in engagement and make your preparation easier and more effective. But first, we need to address the two-headed giant in the room…

That would be us.

We’re Timothy and Leilani, and we’re pretty much joined at the hip. Don’t feel sorry for us, we like it this way. We have been like this since Dungeons and Dragons literally brought us together from opposite sides of the planet.

It did not bring us together from opposite sides of the planet… Remember… I came to YOU. As always, I have to do all the work around here.

Ahem. As I was saying, you can imagine, with a beginning like that, D&D is near and dear to our hearts. Heart? Whatever. We’ve introduced our children and grandchildren to the world’s greatest roleplaying game and currently run a weekly game including all three generations. That game is our testing bed for improvements as well as a regularly scheduled family time.

Honestly, I would say that our family game has shown us a need for improvements.

Well, yeah, that’s true too! I’m always looking to improve our game, and every game I’ve ever run (and I’ve run some games…) has had its own unique… issues. It keeps me young.

He IS young…

What’s This About An Ettin’s Table?

We call this the Ettin’s Table for a reason. Those of you with spouses that are likewise involved in D&D will probably understand. Actually, anyone who’s read this far has probably got the picture… People have different opinions on what makes things great. Perhaps especially when dealing with something as multifaceted as D&D. This is especially true when they’re married to you and have been for a while. Sometimes that can feel like a bad thing. Sometimes, it’s life’s greatest blessing. Usually when I’m – err.. you’re – about to make an idiot of yourself… But while the adage is true that you can’t give anything two heads without creating a monster, we’re embracing our monstrous heritage at the D&D table. Together, we make a much better DM. Together, we’ll show you how we’ve done it.

He’s got THAT right!

Why Should You Read Another Blog?

There are an awful lot of successful D&D blogs out there. Some of them with a lot of great experience and witty humor. You could be asking yourself why it’s worth taking the time to read our small addition. It’s a logical question, and while I’ve always found D&D gamers logic to be difficult to follow, I know it’s hiding in there somewhere!

Our goal is to avoid the trite fan-service focus on the latest news and to focus on individual issues that might appear at your table. Areas where you still have room for improvement but maybe don’t know what change needs making. We’ll definitely provide our fair share of plug-and-play encounters, product reviews, and reports from our ongoing games, but our focus is on improving engagement, making your valuable preparation time pay greater dividends, and helping you create the tools you need for your game to thrive.

In short, our focus is going to be less on how awesome we are. Or how awesome some celebrity gamer is. Our focus is on how awesome you are. As well as how awesome you can be.

So, without further ado, welcome to The Ettin’s Table!

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